• Enrolments

    We are now taking enrolments for 2019. If your child is turning 2 ½ yrs at any point during 2019 it is recommended that you put your child’s name down on our waiting list ready for a position when eligible.

    We take expressions of interest one year before your child turns three. It is strongly recommended you put your child’s name down on our waiting list.

    Session hours

    Monday 8.30am—12.30pm (normally 4hrs only)
    Tuesday—Friday 8.30am—2.30pm (4 and 6 hrs)

    Schedule of fees for 2019

    We always attempt to keep our fees and any increases to an absolute minimum.

    Due to the increase in costs throughout the whole Child Care Sector our schedule of fees for 2019 are as listed below:

    • 4hr AM session 8.30am -12.30pm (2 ½ years only) Monday to Friday $38 per session booked (limited spaces available)
    • 6hr session 8.30am -2.30pm (3+ year olds) session Monday to Friday $57 per session booked

    There is also a one-off payment of $65 Registration Fee for the year.
    This includes a T-shirt and also covers Insurance, Consumables, Individual Work Files, photos etc.

    Fees are collected every 4 weeks in advance.

    The Centre offers 4 and 6 hour sessions.


    Children must be at least 2 years and six months to attend the Centre.

    Children under 3-years of age normally attend 4-hour sessions. Three-year-old children may only be enrolled for 6-hour sessions. However; 3-year-olds new to BELC, may attend 4-hour sessions for a maximum of 4 weeks if they experience difficulties settling into the Centre. Children attending 4-hour sessions who turn 3, will automatically be transitioned across to 6-hour sessions.

    Given the smaller numbers of children in Monday sessions they are normally limited to 4 hours; under these circumstances, children under 3 and over 3 years may attend these 4-hour sessions.

    We are now taking enrolments for 2019 for children aged 2 ½ up to preschool age. We recommend that if your child will be turning 2.5yrs or 3yrs at any point in 2019 that you put your child’s name down on our waiting list to avoid disappointment. If your child has turned 2.5yrs by February 2019 then they can enrol now to start in the New Year.  

    Please click on the link below to complete the application form. You will be advised via email if your preferred days are available and you can then secure your enrolment by paying the $65 registration fee and first two weeks enrolment fee.

    If you experience difficulties with the online enrolment process, please phone us on 9307 4420 or email on info@beldonearlylearning.org.au