• How many sessions a week can I book my child in for?

    There are no minimum or maximum number of different sessions that you may book but we suggest no more than three.

    Are you open during school holidays?

    Our Centre remains open all school holidays apart from the main Christmas break. We do close for all Public Holidays.

    How do I pay my fees?

    All fees are due on a four-weekly basis in advance. You will receive a fee notice the week before all fees need to be paid.

    What if my child is sick or on holiday?

    Unfortunately, like all child care centres, if your child is sick or on holiday on their booked session day then fees still have to be paid. Due to licensing regulations and the number of children booked in NO MAKE-UP days are allowed with the exception that if your session day falls on a Public Holiday.

    What happens if my child has food allergies?

    Our Centre has a strict no nuts policy. This includes Nutella, cakes with nuts etc. We also will notify parents if we have a child with any other allergies attending and these items will be banned. The only food your child is given at the centre is what is provided by you. All staff have full Anaphylaxis training which we renew each year.

    Is there a parent roster?

    We do not have a parent roster at BELC and do not expect parents to stay but a parent is more than welcome to attend a session if they choose. This time must be booked with a staff member.

    Does my child have to be toilet trained?

    We are happy to accept 2.5yr olds in Pull-Ups and staff will assist with their toilet training.

    When do I put my child's name down on waiting list?

    If your child has turned 2.5yrs or 3yrs then they are ready to start now and you can contact the Centre to check on vacancies. If you are looking at starting your child when they turn 3 years then we strongly suggest that you contact the Centre to register your child’s details on our waiting list. There is no charge or deposit to be paid until you actually enrol to start.

    Can I visit the centre prior to enrolment?

    Of course, we would love to have you visit the Centre but we do ask that you phone and make an appointment to enable a staff member to have a chat with you without disrupting the session. Visits are only allowed in the morning session and please bear in mind that it is a working session so we try to limit the time between 9.20 and 10am.

    If my child is attending kindy can they still attend Beldon ELC?

    As some Kindy’s only operate for 2 mornings or days a week some parents feel that their child might need a little bit more so children already attending Kindergarten are more than welcome to attend.

    Can I claim the child care subsidy on my fees?

    Yes, the Beldon Early Learning Centre is a fully licensed and registered centre. Eligible families need to be registered for the child care subsidy scheme for any rebates.