Our Philosophy

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is to:

    • nurture and support the educational, emotional, social, physical and spiritual growth and development of children;
    • ensure the welfare of children, parents and staff through an inclusive environment that builds positive relationships between children, families and staff of the Centre;
    • meet or exceed all regulatory, standard-setting and licensing requirements, and maintain ongoing accreditation levels. and,
    • be a living presence of God in the community so that His love may be experienced by all.

    Values for life

    The Beldon Early Learning Centre is founded on Christian beliefs and values. Being welcoming and inclusive is part of this. We treat everyone – regardless of family situation, culture or religion – with the same love, care and respect. The Centre has a Board of Management which supports the child care staff to operate the Centre. Our Board has expertise in child health and development, education and business management to ensure the centre operates to the highest professional standards.

  • We are committed to the following values:

    • We respect the opinions, values, cultures and beliefs of all persons.
    • By respecting the values, cultures, faiths and structures of the families whose children we care for, they feel included within the family of the Centre.
    • We value accessibility so that we can be an inclusive Centre, one that provides affordable care in ways that meet the needs of families.
    • We act in ways that are ethical, honest, fair and consistent with our other values.
    • We are a learning community in which children are nurtured to grow and staff engage in ongoing professional learning so that the Centre is itself a learning community, one that continues to improve.
    • Above all, we value care and support for children, families and staff of the Centre.
  • Our Philosophy

    Our Centre provides programs that enhance children’s learning and development within a stimulating environment that supports play-based and purposeful learning, taking account of the needs of each child. We believe that each child has a unique set of culture, language, skills, ideas and attitudes. We will nurture and care for the complete child allowing them time to explore and cultivate their own interests in their own time so that they may grow in mind, body and spirit.

    Our programs recognise the importance of communication and language, curiosity and exploration, and social and emotional development. Health, wellbeing and comfort are provided for within a physically and emotionally secure environment. We believe that care and education occur through strong relationships. We encourage positive, loving and respectful relationships with one another; this will assist children to become resilient and help them to manage life experiences.