The Curriculum

  • The curriculum

    BELC implements the Early Years Learning Framework “Belonging, Being and Becoming”. Through this national framework we build upon children’s interests, knowledge, experience and background as individuals within a group.

    Our routines are flexible so that children have time to learn, have choices and are co-constructors of their own learning.

    Play is one of the most important and crucial learning processes, however, we also incorporate Intentional teaching into our curriculum.

    The staff

    Consistency is crucial to a child’s security and confidence and at BELC our staffing is stable ensuring continuing relationships with the children. All of our staff have appropriate Early Childhood qualifications, and this includes an Early Childhood Teacher. 

    We really feel it is important for you and your child to get to know and trust the staff and we are always available for any concerns you might have and a big cuddle when it is needed. (Sometimes Parents need one too!)

    All staff hold First Aid Certificates, Anaphylaxis Management Training Certificates, Asthma Management, WWC Clearance and Child Protection Certificates. We endeavour to constantly update our skills in Early Childhood Development and frequently hold meetings to consider ways of improving our service and what works best for your child.